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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
1800085071SCREW M6X35x2$3.95
2800081276STUDx2$7.91<5145 & 5234-5237 & 5261-5432
2800091064S/S 8000B2768 STUD BOLT, EXHAUST PIPE (SOLD OUT)x2$25.305146-5233 & 5238-5260
3800097250CYLINDER HEADx2$6168.075146-5233 & 5238-5260
3800099497CYLINDERx2$5846.905470-5492 & 5494>
38000A1340CYLINDER HEAD SPRx2$8060.90SPR, SR1+1
4800069769CONE-SHAPED PLUGx2$5.21
5800087755S/S 8000B7740 GASKET (SOLD OUT)x1$13.93
6800051549BUSH, STEEL, D8XD6,2XH10x2$4.81
8800087752ORING, LARGEx1$2.90
9800092447CYLINDER HEADx1$723.60
10800069156WASHER, 18X10,5X2 FLAT, BLACK ZINCx1$2.65
11800098671VALVE INNER SPRINGx2$17.39
13800098670VALVE OUTER SPRINGx2$26.52
148A0025082O RINGx1$3.10
17800065814OIL SEALx2$12.08
19800087756R/C GASKETx1$81.95
208000A1941VALVE INNER SPRINGx1$56.53SPR, SR1+1
22800081547NUT, ESPECIAL DO CABE OTE 1x1$28.78
238000A1940VALVE OUTER SPRINGx1$56.53SPR, SR1+1
248000A2306S/S 8A0081228 VALVE GUIDE 0.025 MM (SOLD OUT)x1$112.87
248A00A2306S/S 8B0081228 VALVE GUIDE 0.050 MM (SOLD OUT)x1$112.87
26800098681VALVE SEATx1$14.75